Week #15- Franklin Makeover

This is the second week of the Franklin Makeover and I decided to share this with a friend and Business partner of mine. I have been telling her about the MKMMA experience and she was extremely interested in what kind of homework I had every week. Our recent conversation coincided with the beginning of the Makeover so I explained it to her and asked if she would like to join me in this part of the course. She was so enthused by this idea that she jumped right in and joined me. We both have “well organized” as the first attribute that we will be watching for so it will be fun to check in with one another daily to see what we observe. This is the first email I received from her …”Wendy I have been thinking a lot about this and after only three days I see some really interesting application of the homework! I think when we begin to see this “well organized ” system and pattern out in the world, we actually want to see it closer and closer in our own life, and then, if we see disorganization, our brain actually wants to re pattern and have it in alignment with the organization we see around us. Therefore we begin to realign our  inner and outer worlds so they mirror each other, and in doing so, we create inner organization in our own brains and In our own lives! It is fantastic! 
Such a great opportunity to grow from the outside in! 
Thanks soooooooo much  for sharing the 13 week journey with me. Ben Franklin has given us an amazing gift! I am so excited! “

I’m so excited for her!! She really picked this up quickly and I can’t wait to experience the rest of this 13 week project with her.Now I know how the MKMMA organizers and guides feel when someone is learning and growing from ideas that you have helped them to see. What a rewarding experience!!

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One Response to Week #15- Franklin Makeover

  1. Sandra Owen says:

    How wonderful! To share this part of your journey and your friend find it opening up her mind and heart to the shining light within her too. Bravo for your kindness and care.

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