Week 17-Intuition


Week #17 in the MKMMA course teaches us about the importance of Intuition in achieving our goals in life. The Master Keys state in line 22 that ” If you concentrate on some matter of importance, the intuitive power will be set in operation, and help will come in the nature of information which will lead to success”. It then goes not o state that “Intuition arrives at conclusions without the aid of experience or memory. Intuition often solves problems that are beyond the grasp of the reasoning power. Intuition often comes with a suddenness that is startling; it reveals the truth for which we are searching, so directly that it seems to come from a higher power. Intuition can be cultivated and developed; in order to do this it must be recognized and appreciated; if the intuitive visitor is given a royal welcome when he comes, he will come again; the more cordial the welcome the more frequent his visits will become, but if he is ignored or neglected he will make his visits few and far apart”.

I found this to be very interesting because previously during meditation I had some great intuitive thoughts but I didn’t write them down or even use them to my advantage. I have not had many of these instances since! I will have to work on recognizing and appreciating these ideas as well as developing them so that I can increase their frequency.  I look forward to welcoming great ideas during my daily sits!


Intuition 1

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One Response to Week 17-Intuition

  1. Art Burleigh says:

    Ooooh – I LOVE this blog post so much, I’m printing it off and adding it into my Resource Binder about this week’s Lessons. GREAT job, Wendy — THANKS! 🙂


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