17a- The Hero’s Journey

I decided to read what I was feeling and doing last year at this time and I came across this post on my wordpress site. I decided to repost it because I think a lot of people are feeling the same way! I hope this helps all who read it.

I am sitting here at work waiting for my freezer to finish its run before I put the cells in the storage tank when I realized that my life is in the very same state as the cells that I am freezing! It is in a state of “suspended animation”! When the cells are frozen they are unable to grow…they are frozen in time and cannot progress forward. When I am done with this process I have some other cells to thaw out. The solutions that I will be rinsing these cells through will , hopefully, nourish and warm them so that they can move forward and grow! This is what I need to allow myself to do to follow the Hero’s Journey I have been reading about in the MKMMA course. I have not allowed myself to move forward!! I believe that I have everything that I need to do this so what is missing????

I have not “Given myself PERMISSION”!!!!

Mark and Davene spoke about this in the last webinar and I guess that I didn’t really understand at that time! I think that I am finally ready to allow myself to take the Hero’s Journey!!

So what do I do now??? I know that the cells need nutrients and warmth to survive so I will continue with my reading of Og and the Master Key’s (nutrients) and I will be kinder to myself (warmth)!!!


After reading this I will sit and meditate on this and see what I can do for my future self right now!!!
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2 Responses to 17a- The Hero’s Journey

  1. Sandra Owen says:

    I love your honesty Wendy. By revisiting where you were last year I hope you can see clearly how much you have grown regardless of whether every t has been crossed and every i dotted. So proud of you. 🙂


  2. annedenis87 says:

    Great testimonial. Meaningful description. Thank you for sharing.


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