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Hilary Davidson-  Windermere Resort – posted July 25,2018


The sun is glittering on the gentle waves of Lake Rosseau on this glorious summer day. I have travelled to the famous Windermere Resort in Port Carling, Ontario today to report on the  interview of Canada’s top Lifeshotz distributor by CEO Richard Bliss Brooke. Brooke, the President of the DSA and Owner of two Network Marketing Companies, has come from Cour d’Alene Idaho to interview Wendy Lewis for his book “The Four Year Career”. Brooke interviews top leaders in Network Marketing Companies and promotes them in his book to help encourage other Networkers by showing them a better way of life.

Wendy Lewis arrives on time pulling up to the Windermere Resort dock in stunning wooden Muskoka made motor boat. She looks relaxed and care free in her summer dress and leather sandals and doesn’t look like a millionaire entrepreneur. Her entourage escorts her along the dock up to the Windermere’s porch. She waves and smiles as she heads my way and the rest of her group heads off to the 4 star golf course. Wendy introduces herself and extends a hand for a firm handshake,she is radiant and has a twinkling light in her eyes that immediately puts me at ease.  The Windermere staff is very attentive and rushes over to take our drink order.

Just as we are about to sit, Richard Bliss Brooke and his partner Kimmy Everett appear at the doorway to the porch. Wendy welcomes the two of them with a warm hug and gives me a exquisite introduction citing some of my best work! We all have a seat on the plush rattan chairs as pleasantries are exchanged.

“Have you ever been to the Muskoka’s before?” Wendy asks. They both answer a resounding “No” simultaneously. “We arrived yesterday and had a lovely evening here at the Windermere last night” , Kimmy adds. It reminds them both of a lake in Coer d’Alene Idaho. She offers to take us all for a tour of Lake Rosseau later after the interview.





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  1. Sandra Owen says:

    Fabulous. So excited for you. :o)


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