I recently took a personality test and I think the results were quite accurate. Since I find it very hard to write about myself I thought I would add  the description here. My color is yellow.

Motive [ Fun ]

Yellows are motivated by Fun. They are inviting and embrace life as a party that they’re hosting. They love playful interaction and can be extremely sociable. They are highly persuasive and seek instant gratification. Yellows need to be adored and praised. While yellows are carefree, they are sensitive and highly alert to others’ agendas to control them. Yellows typically carry within themselves the gift of a good heart

This made me laugh out loud because as I child I was constantly telling people “you’re not the boss of me”!!


Yellows need to look good socially, and friendships command a high priority in their lives. Yellows are happy, articulate, engaging of others and crave adventure. Easily distracted, they can never sit still for long. They embrace each day in the “present tense” and choose people who, like themselves, enjoy a curious nature. Yellows are charismatic, spontaneous, and positive; but can also be irresponsible, obnoxious, and forgetful. When you deal with a YELLOW, take a positive, upbeat approach and promote light-hearted, creative, and fun interactions.

While this describes my personality to a “T” I still haven’t told you anything about myself.

I am a single mother of a teenage boy who loves to play hockey. So I spend a lot of my time at the hockey rink. I really enjoy watching hockey so it is a lot of fun for both of us.

I am quite active myself and enjoy playing soccer and hockey as well as cycling! When I am not playing I enjoy spending time with my family!!


2 Responses to About

  1. Sandra Owen says:

    Thanks for the colour reminder and great to find out a little bit more about you Wendy. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mkmmagreg says:

    Thanks for sharing Kelvin’s story,I must agree I loved to see the passion & commit that Mark has & also the guides they are great givers. Although I have struggled to stay with it I feel well supported. I look forward to following your Blog


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